Law Firm „Cvjetićanin & Partners” has set high standards and fully complies with them. Speed, efficiency, expertise, loyalty and well-organized team work are the main characteristics of our law firm.

We are proud to say that year by year our law firm has improved cooperation with existing clients and expanded the network of new clients, both in country and abroad. Thanks to our ability to adapt and to find original solutions for complex problems, we establish long-term cooperation with our clients to mutual satisfaction.


Advokatska kancelarija Cvjetićanin i Partneri obaveštavaju sve svoje klijente i saradnike da će sedište kancelarije od 01.09.2020.g. biti na adresi Alekse Nenadovića br. 19-23, II sprat, 11 000 Beograd (Vračar). Tačna lokacija (mapa) i svi podaci advokatske kancelarije Cvjetićanin i Partneri nalaze se na našoj internet prezentaciji.