Stecajno pravo


Team of Law Firm Cvjetićanin & Partners has significant experience in representing bankruptcy creditors and bankruptcy debtors in proceedings held in Serbia and Montenegro. The bankruptcy law is a complex and dynamic branch of law which requires great attention, so we have an in-dept approach to every case, analysing it as a whole, while placing significant focus on details.


The experience we gained so far makes as the specialists in this field of law. We provide the following services:

1. preparing and submitting application for initiation of bankruptcy proceedings,
2. registering receivables in the bankruptcy proceedings,
3. representing clients at assembly of creditors or at the meetings of creditors’ committee,
4. giving advice and guidance to client regarding the reorganization procedure,
5. consultancy regarding purchase of property or bankruptcy debtor, as a legal entity,
6. advising the bankruptcy creditors about their rights during the bankruptcy proceedings,
7. filing complaints for rebutting legal actions of bankruptcy debtor.


Advokatska kancelarija Cvjetićanin i Partneri obaveštavaju sve svoje klijente i saradnike da će sedište kancelarije od 01.09.2020.g. biti na adresi Alekse Nenadovića br. 19-23, II sprat, 11 000 Beograd (Vračar). Tačna lokacija (mapa) i svi podaci advokatske kancelarije Cvjetićanin i Partneri nalaze se na našoj internet prezentaciji.