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About Us

The law firm was founded with the aim of providing full legal service in the area of civil and business law to Serbian and foreign business actors. Our mission is to support the activity of our Clients with quality legal advices, always paying attention to the individual interests of Client.

Due to our size we keep up a close relation with each Client based on personalised discussions, that ensures deep knowledge of the Client’s business objectives. We tailor our service to the actual business needs of our client and provide high quality, practice oriented legal solutions.

Our young and dynamic team places significant emphasis on approaching problems in their complexity, and besides legal aspects, studies economical and financial dimensions of the cases. This complex approach gives a real added value to our legal services in business terms, enabling our Clients to reach optimum solutions in their business activity.

Considering that our Country is a candidate for membership in European Union, besides advising on the Serbian laws and regulations, we pay extraordinary attention to inform our Clients of the EU dimension of legal problems.


Our services cover all phases of corporate operations starting from the foundation of the company, including in particular the complete set-up, operation and restructuring of the company. Our clients include international Serbian and foreign small and medium-size enterprises, as well as major family ventures. We have significant experience in managing M&A transactions, where our services include the legal due diligence analysis of the target company, the negotiation of the contracts and representation of our clients on both the seller’s and the buyer’s side.


We assist our Clients in their effective and cost-conscious human resources management, by providing legal support in the field of labour law. We strive to help employers comply with the relevant laws and regulations while finding the optimal form of employment available. We provide a full-service relating to employment including the preparation and modification of emloyment contracts, addressing issues arising from existing employment contracts, preparing collective agreements, developing worktime models, preparing the termination of emloyment.


Our law Firm advises local and international developers, investors, on key aspects of real estate transactions: risk assessment, structuring, negotiation, etc. We have sighnificant experience of advising a wide variety of domestic and international clients on all aspects of real estate investment, development, financing and contruction. Our services cover all phases of a real estate transaction, from the acquisition of the real estate investment, development financing and construction. Our services cover all phases of a real estate transaction, from the acquisition of the real estate to the execution of the project.

We provide assistance to our Client in defining the best way to implement their business strategy, in the appropriate drafting of the required legal documents and especially the commercial contracts, the preventive management of any potential conflicting situation and, if necessary, in providing the best solution to solve actual conflicts in the best way. We are dealing regulary with distribution agreements, agency, franchising, licence agreements, commercial promotions and other trade practices, commercial rent, takeover of shops, advertising issues, product liability, etc.


We are experts in handling large and complex claims involving litigation, arbitration or their forms of dispute resolution. It takes a positive lead in managing disputes, seeking to adopt a constructive and efficient approach. Our objective is to obtain a commercially favorable outcome in short term for our clients rather than a fight to the death in every case. For this reason, if the circumstances of the case allow, we prefer arbitration instead of litigation before ordinary courts.


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