About Us

„Cvjetićanin & Partners“ is a leading Serbian law firm which primary mission is to provide highly-professional legal services and to develop a relationship of mutual trust with its clients. We are ready to respond to your inquires, questions and concerns with maximum commitment and dedication to each case. We believe that dedication to our clients shown by qualified experts is our responsibility.

Law Firm „Cvjetićanin & Partners” has set high standards and fully complies with them. Speed, efficiency, expertise, loyalty and well-organized team work are the main characteristics of our law firm.

We are proud to say that year by year our law firm has improved cooperation with existing clients and expanded the network of new clients, both in country and abroad. Thanks to our ability to adapt and to find original solutions for complex problems, we establish long-term cooperation with our clients to mutual satisfaction.

Leading experts from the law firm combine the knowledge gained from business and courts, both in country and abroad, and offer custom solution to every client. Our lawyers are specialized in certain fields of law, so we offer a range of legal services from almost every known field of law.


Law Firm Cvjetićanin & Partners is highly innovative. Our cases are stored in secured servers in the Republic of Serbia and available to associates-lawyers on cloud.

Conference calls held daily with our clients made the distance irrelevant when it comes to work and case-related activities.

Entrance to the office of the law firm is under video surveillance and access to all computers is password protected.

Legal services for legal entities

We offer the services of monitoring the entire business operation and representation, as an external legal department, as well as representation by hourly rate or lawyer’s fee. To familiarize yourself more easily with work and activities of our law firm, please see General Terms and Conditions of Law Firm “Cvjetićanin & Partners”.

We provide the following services to legal entities:

  • protection of intellectual property (trademark, patent, industrial design, copyright)
  • media law (representing public figures in cases against media)
  • tax consultancy (income tax, absolute rights transfer tax, gift tax, etc.)
  • status changes of legal entities (merger, division, acquisition, takeover, etc.
  • representation in arbitration proceedings (cases related to domestic internet domains, arbitration in sports)
  • representations and legal consultancy for IT companies (NDA, trade secret, no competition clauses, software protection)
  • collection of receivables (soft collection-negotiations, enforcement-public enforcement officers)
  • drafting business agreements (bilingual, at request of international clients)
  • representation in court and other proceedings before state authorities

Over a long period of time we have successfully represented large domestic and international investors, business entities operating in domestic market, such as:

  • renowned department store chain,
  • technical equipment retail chain,
  • renowned IT companies
  • marketing agencies with revenue measured in millions,
  • one of the largest global manufacturers of mobile platforms,
  • one of the two biggest basketball clubs from the capital,
  • a world-famous media company.

Legal services for individuals

We provide the following services to individuals:

  • Defence in criminal proceedings (defending juveniles, defending with the purpose of negotiating a plea agreement with possibility of serving a sentence at home, defence in regular proceedings)
  • legal advice (verbal and written legal advices) and opinions from the field of civil and criminal la
  • family law: divorce (uncontested and contested divorce, legal maintenance – alimony, determining or contesting paternity, agreement on joint or individual exercise of paternal rights, agreement on division of marital property, premarital agreement, agreement on managing and disposing with common assets, gift agreement
  • law of obligations (drafting and interpreting agreements, compensation of pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages, unjust enrichment, etc.)
  • law of inheritance (life care agreement, living trust agreement, will)
  • labour law (exercising all rights arising from employment)
  • representation of clients before regular court, arbitration court, tax administration and other administrative authorities

Since we are aware that the real value of the Law Firm “Cvjetićanin & Partners” lies with its associates, we continuously invest in education and training of their skills, because success of the law firm mostly depends on them.

Looking forward to successful cooperation, “Cvjetićanin & Partners” send their best regards.

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