Media Law

In the sphere of media law, our services are geared towards providing legal support to clients operating within the media sector. This primarily encompasses the procurement of essential licenses for media registration, aligning with the provisions of the Law on Public Information and Media, as well as compliance within the domain of electronic media, in accordance with the Law on Electronic Media.

Moreover, our practice frequently involves the representation of public figures (singers, actors) in lawsuits for compensation of damages arising from false information published on their behalf in the tabloid media.

IT Law

Cvjetićanin & Partners stands as a foremost law firm in the realm of IT law. Managing partner Nenad Cvjetićanin is experienced arbitrator with the Commission for Resolution of National Domain Name Disputes of Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Our legal team possesses substantial experience in this burgeoning field of law.

The misappropriation of domain names often intersects with the infringement of trademark rights, constituting a pervasive issue not only in our jurisdiction but also on a global scale. This summary primarily focuses on the resolution of disputes stemming from what is colloquially known as “domain name grabbing/squatting.” Consequently, we provide a succinct overview of the legal actions and strategies available to safeguard against such infringements within the framework of domestic domain name protection.

Fundamental Considerations

The registration of domestic domain names falls under the purview of the Register of National Internet Domain of Serbia (RNIDS), a duly authorized entity responsible for the registration of domestic domain names, as designated by ICCAN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), an organization under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Commerce, entrusted with overseeing top-level domain name assignments.