Media law
Our services include legal assistance for clients in media sector. This primarily includes obtaining necessary licenses for registration media registration, in accordance with the Law on Public Information and Media, as well as electronic media in accordance with the Law on Electronic Media in regards of electronic media.

We often represent public figures (singers, actors) in lawsuits for compensation of damages arising from false information published on their behalf in the tabloid media.

IT law
We are a leading law firm in this field. Managing partner Nenad Cvjetićanin is experienced arbitrator with the Commission for Resolution of National Domain Name Disputes of Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Our legal team has significant experience in this emerging field of law.

Misuse of domain name is connected with trade mark infringement, and it has become a common phenomena in our country and all over the world. Therefore, we give a summary of legal actions and ways to protect yourself from such infringements in terms of domestic domain name protection.


Domestic domain name can be registered with the Register of National Internet Domain of Serbia – RNIDS. It is a foundation authorized to register domestic domain names assigned by ICCAN-Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers- an organization under the control of US Ministry of trade and responsible for top level domain name assignments.

The focus of this summary is on resolution of disputes relating cases often called “domain name grabbing”.

Disputes caused by “domain name grabbing” can be most effectively solved by authorizing Commission for Resolution of National Domain Name Disputes to resolve, what in the basis is, a trade mark infringement.