Cvjetićanin & Partners Law Firm offers counsel to our clients on matters pertaining to competition law, including the examination and resolution of issues related to illegal agreements, restrictive agreements, and prohibited practices. Our law firm excels in the meticulous analysis of our clients’ business practices, followed by the provision of up-to-date and precise legal advice.

Horizontal and Vertical Competition Protection, and Abuse of Dominant Market Position

We specialize in delivering legal guidance in the realms of horizontal and vertical competition protection, as well as addressing concerns related to the abuse of a dominant market position.

At the behest of our clients, we actively engage in proceedings before the Serbian Commission for Protection of Competition, particularly in matters concerning mergers and acquisitions. We also provide expert counsel to clients facing Commission inspections aimed at evaluating the presence of vertical or horizontal integrations. Our services are tailored to ensure compliance with competition regulations and to safeguard our clients’ interests within the dynamic landscape of competition law.