Law Firm Cvjetićanin & Partners is ready to respond to requests of clients regarding protection of competition, as well as prevention of various types of violation of competition. Previous application of the Law on Protection of Competition showed that unresolved issues related to illegal agreements, restricting agreements or prohibited practices that restrict free competition are delicate, but very much present in relations between companies. Our law firm is successfully at analysing business practices of our clients with due care and provides legal advice to domestic and international clients.

Horizontal and vertical protection of competition and abuse of a dominant position

We participated in proceedings before Commission for Protection of Competition regarding mergers and acquisitions, in cases of vertical and horizontal protection of competition and obtaining approval for M&As, as well as in disputes related to abuse of a dominant market position,
Team of the Law Firm Cvjetićanin & Partners advises the clients on all aspects of competition related to mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures.