Cvjetićanin & Partners Law Firm boasts extensive expertise in the intricate domain of family law. This branch of law often engenders a multitude of inquiries and concerns from our clients, frequently giving rise to profoundly intricate legal questions. Given that disputes in family matters often intersect with the welfare and interests of children, making it an exceptionally sensitive area of law, we approach such cases with unparalleled diligence and dedication.

Our firm extends a comprehensive range of services within this legal sphere, characterized by a profound understanding and an unwavering commitment to addressing matters pertaining to spousal relationships, divorce proceedings, cases involving the determination of paternity or maternity, and the equitable division of marital assets, among others.

Moreover, we routinely provide services related to premarital agreements and agreements governing the distribution of marital assets, both of which are commonplace within our practice.


Another prevalent category of disputes arises within the ambit of inheritance law. These disputes encompass a spectrum of matters, including those necessitating the revocation of a last will and testament, as well as disputes calling for the annulment of inheritance-related agreements. Our adept handling of such cases is marked by understanding of the intricate legal materia that characterize inheritance matters.

Last wills drafting