Cvjetićanin & Partners Law Firm offers an extensive array of corporate services to meet the specific needs of both domestic and foreign companies and other legal entities. Our legal team is well-prepared to provide guidance and counsel that seamlessly blend international expertise with a deep understanding of the local market.

Cvjetićanin & Partners Law Firm provides a comprehensive range of corporate services. We offer strategic advice to clients spanning various industries, including IT, transport and logistics, marketing, food, music and publishing, wholesale and retail, pharmaceuticals, and more. Our areas of consultation encompass:

Company Incorporation and Legal Entity Establishment: This entails managing all procedures associated with the Business Registers Agency, ensuring the smooth and compliant establishment of legal entities.

Corporate Operations and Transactions (Mergers and Acquisitions): We provide expert guidance on corporate operations and transactions, including mergers and acquisitions (M&As), enabling clients to navigate complex corporate landscapes with confidence.

Public-Private Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Corporate Restructuring: We assist in structuring public-private partnerships, joint ventures, and corporate restructuring initiatives, allowing clients to optimize their business structures.

Legal Due Diligence Reports: Our services encompass preparation of comprehensive legal due diligence reports.

Documentation Preparation for Shareholders’ Assemblies, Management, and Supervisory Board Meetings: We meticulously prepare and collect the necessary documentation for crucial corporate gatherings, such as shareholders’ assemblies and board meetings.

Compliance with Legal Obligations Arising from the Law on Consumer Protection: Our services encompass the organization of employee training sessions and the alignment of internal regulations with pertinent legislation, ensuring compliance with obligations arising from the Law on Consumer Protection.

Representation in Commercial Litigations: We provide adept representation in commercial litigations, leveraging our legal acumen and litigation prowess to safeguard our clients’ interests.

At Cvjetićanin & Partners Law Firm, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored, expert legal services that cater to the distinctive demands of our clientele. Our commitment to excellence and precision in legal counsel underscores our dedication to serving as a trusted legal partner for businesses operating in diverse sectors.