Republic of Serbia has become an attractive destination for digital nomads often temporary residing, but there are also many of whose who see Serbia as their ultimate destination, with a decision to remain here until the end of their life.

Due to the rapid and significant increase of living standard, people with Serbian origin who emigrated in an earlier period, are beginning to return to their homeland, while the state, out of a desire to curb this tendency, promoted new initiative “CARTA SERBICA”, which aims to facilitate their return.

Law firm Cvjetićanin & partners provides for foreign citizens a wide range of legal services regulating their residential status, work, marriage and family, investments etc.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Obtaining a temporary residence permit, as well as a work permit,
  • Assistance with repatriation under the “Carta Serbica” program,
  • Assistance with acquiring Serbian citizenship, as well as of the Republic of Montenegro,
  • Company incorporation,
  • Opening a non-residential bank account for legal and natural persons,
  • Assistance with buying or selling real estate.