Junior Associate Attorney

Junior Associate Attorney

Junior Associate Attorney (full-time)

We are searching for a tenacious, perceptive Associate Attorney to assist with managing a diverse portfolio of cases.
The Associate Attorney’s responsibilities include meeting with clients to ascertain their needs, choosing the most appropriate course of action, and representing clients’ interests at meetings and in court. During the process, you will be required to collaborate with and report to the Attorney in charge of each case.

To be successful as an Associate Attorney, you should demonstrate outstanding research skills. Ultimately, a top-notch Associate Attorney will exhibit at least some familiarity with all subspecialties of their field and will utilize this knowledge to successfully conclude cases, as needed.

Associate Attorney Responsibilities:

Consulting with clients to ascertain the details and merits of each case.
Conducting research using legislation, case law, and other legal texts as sources to decide on a modus operandi.
Drafting legal texts, including reports, contracts, and appeals.
Representing clients at meetings, hearings and trials.
Advocating for acquittal or clemency in each case.
Informing your line manager about salient developments in each case.
Ensuring that data obtained during interactions with clients remain confidential and are stored securely.
Reporting on hours spent on each assignment.
Remaining abreast of changes to legislation.
Associate Attorney Responsibilities:

Accredited Law degree.
Licensed to practice law in the region you wish to work.
Proven experience practicing as an Attorney within your chosen specialty.
Familiarity with legislation and case law within and related to your specialty.
Intermediate accounting skills.
Exceptional problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
Perceptive and meticulous, with a thorough understanding of human behavior.
Capacity to regulate and perform under stress.